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Country Priv/Pub Admin Name Server IP : Port On/Max Server
United States Open Email WWW Public 2/1,000 Linux
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HooKed Public Freeware 4 73d 0h
46m 51s
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-=Public Server Since 2007=-  (RMS)
-=Welcome=-  (RMSD)
User Security (R SA) (5d3h25m)
Red  (RP)
User Guest1 (U) (5d3h25m)
Channel Flags
  R = Registered
  M = Moderated
  P = Passworded
  S = Sub-Channels
  D = Default
  U = Unregistered
Player Flags
  R = Registered
  SA = Server Admin
  CA = Channel Admin
  AO = Auto-Operator
  AV = Auto-Voice
  O = Operator
  V = Voice
  U = Unregistered

2 Priv/Pub Name Server IP : Port On/Max Server Version
Details Open WWW Down2Nothing Public TS 0/1,000 Linux v2.0.24.1
Details Open WWW Public 2/1,000 Linux v2.0.24.1
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